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Weldon Spring Site
7295 MO-94, St Charles, MO 63304

38.698141, -90.7304849

Memorandum Regarding and Transmitting
the Third Five Year Review
DOC ID: 40497351

Weldon Spring Ordnance Works

Missouri Department of Natural Resources:
Department Defense Site, Army

Environmental Protection Agency 
Superfund Site: Weldon SPring Operable Units

The Weldon Spring Ordnance Works site is located between St. Charles and St. Louis, Missouri.  The site is managed as two operable units (OUs). OU1 addresses contaminated soil and pipeline, and OU2 addresses groundwater.

The U.S. Army (Army) acquired the WSOW in late 1940 and early 1941 for the production of trinitrotoluene (TNT) and dinitrotoluene (DNT) during World War II.

Rather than haul it west into a desert, the Weldon Spring management team would entomb it righwhere it was, inside a man-made mini-mountain.


The Nuclear Waste
Adventure Trail


What do you do with:

  • 2,4-DNT
  • 2,6-DNT
  • LEAD
  • PCBs
  • 1,3-DNB2,4-6-TNT2,4-DNT2,6-DNT

The Weldon Spring Site Remedial Action Project
Disposal Cell, its “official” name, is a popular spot for birdwatchers and amateur astronomers.  It’s easy to envision its charms on a misty dawn or a starry night. But at noon, on a hot day, traversing the hill is like walking the surface of a rocky, alien planet inhospitable to earthly life -- which, in fact, is the point. The people who built the Disposal Cell wanted nothing to grow on it, ever, so that what's buried inside it would never be disturbed.

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