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Lambsqaurters are sold as “wild-foraged” edibles
in upscale restaurants, and are promient denizens
of vacant lots throughout the city.


Take some with you
in a Bur Oak Cap.

These ones are safe.



Had we not contaminated soil with industry and war waste,
urban foraging could be a viable solution
to Saint Louis’s food-desert crisis.


It will probably become
more popular

as resources become
more scarce nonetheless.



Nuclear waste from the Manhattan Project is contaminating North St. Louis County and the water supply of Saint Louis City.  Coldwater Creek flows northeast into the Missouri River, which in turn flowsinto the Mississippi.  The red-orange dots represent . illnesses consistent with long-term low-level radiation exposure.  An update has beed issued a few hundered yards from West Lake Landfill where nuclear waste was illegally dumped in 1973.


Update: A subterranean
fire is burning.

What will happen
when fire meets
nuclear waste?



Imminent collapse of convience. 
We have collectively chosen to do nothing about looming environmental
catastrophe.  The is also the beginning: maybe we’ll do better next time
around.  The postal service delivered mail before electronic communication;
the will continue to do so after its collapse.


Take a card and let your
friends and family know

You’re okay.


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles